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3 Simple Fitness Tips to Not Blow the Weekend – NicoleMouck.com – Passion | Creativity | Fitness
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3 Simple Fitness Tips to Not Blow the Weekend

3 Simple Fitness Tips to Not Blow the Weekend

How Not to Blow the Weekend? It’s Easier Than You Might Think!

I’ve noticed that many fitness professionals online tend to come out with exercise advice for the beginning of the week; fresh week, fresh start, fresh goals. And yes, I do approach much of my training and coaching from this perspective as well. It makes perfect sense and it works.

However, one of the things I’ve seen repeatedly with my personal training clients is this tendency to fear the weekend a little bit – fear that they’re going to completely blow all the hard work they’ve done for themselves all week long. So here I introduce my 3 Simple Fitness Tips to NOT Blow the Weekend. Let’s all enjoy our weekends and thrive without that crushing Monday morning hangover of guilt, shall we?

On Board the Party Train or Ticket to Slothville?

Whether you prefer to jump on the party train or purchase a ticket to slothville, and whether your weekend is a traditional Saturday/Sunday or some other combination, here are a few very basic tips and reminders to get you thinking more healthfully about your time off without feeling like you’ve blown it…

Tip #1 – Weekends Were Meant for Rest and Reflection

This comes largely from various religious traditions, but I also tend to look at this from a fitness and lifestyle perspective. Rest is Good For You. It may sound a bit counter-intuitive but rest is an equally important component of a healthy and effective fitness plan. So please get some. And while you’re at it this is a great time to reflect on the past week, make some plans and set some intentions for a great one ahead.

Tip #2 – Weekends Give Us Time For Connection

Introverted or extroverted, life of the party or the quiet observer in the corner of the room, we are by nature social creatures. We’re hard-wired for human connection and it is on weekends that many of us have the time to connect. Spend time with those you love and whose company you enjoy. Interact. Do things together. Activities with your friends and loved ones nourish your mind, body and spirit.

Plus of course, sometimes we just need some time alone to connect with ourselves. That’s perfectly OK and very healthy too.

Tip #3 – Weekends Were Meant To Be Fun!

Hobbies? Sports? Parties? Sightseeing or cultural experiences? Shopping? Date night? Get out there and have fun! Chances are whatever it is you are passionate about and enjoy doing will also be keeping you more active too.

Motion Starters

Here’s a little kindling that might spark some ideas for weekend activities that will keep your body moving and feed your mind and soul too. Feel free to use these or dream up your own…

  • Play with your kids or borrow somebody else’s – with permission of course – and stay away from the screens! Play tag, toss a ball, visit a playground, build a fort, bake cookies, play board games, paint a mural, colour……
  • Take your dog (or somebody else’s) for a frolick in the great outdoors.
  • Walk in a park or explore a new neighbourhood. You’ll discover new things and the fresh air will do you good too.
  • Take a dance class, go out and get your groove on with friends or just crank up some tunes and shake it loose around your living room.
  • Stage a photo-shoot field trip with a buddy or two and take a bunch of fun pictures of each other in different locations. Lord knows we all need more profile shots for our social media!
  • Browse around museums, art galleries, antique shops or book stores.
  • Sign up for a workshop or try out that new hobby that’s piqued your interest.
  • Grab friends or family and head to the mall. Even if you’re just window shopping you’re guaranteed to be doing a fair bit of walking!
  • Gather ingredients and try out a new recipe. Cook a nice meal for yourself and people you care about.
  • Do some housework or take on a home maintenance project. It may not sound like as much fun, but it will keep you moving, plus you’ll feel productive. Bonus points if you do this while dancing!

In other words, have a great weekend! Go out and have fun. Move. Play. Do things you love with people you enjoy and relax a little. If you do that, it really is pretty tough to blow.

Until next time, please feel free to connect with me on social media with hashtag #passionrangerblog or by email and share…

What’s one simple way you can squeeze a little more health, fitness and vitality into your weekend?

With love and joy,

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